The Imcando dwarfs are filtered out to the point of extinction |

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The Imcando dwarfs are filtered out to OSRS Gold the point of extinction. In this pursuit, Thurgo, the final of the ancient Imcando dwarfs, needs your help. You'll need a fantastic smithing skill (70+), a good mining ability (70+), fantastic combat skills (70+ and 80+ battle ) and not to be fearful of a level 300 rock golem. This pursuit is titled: The Masters quest. Well, is building a new guild. But the builders also have refused to work on the guild following a demon killed the original site manager.

Your task is to find this demon, kill it and then start work on constructing a guild. But all isn't as it appears. A wicked sorcerer is at work, determined to stop the guild from going up close to his tower, is unleashing demons from the mysterious kingdom.

You'll have to be a Legend, very good skills (40+ most of these except summoning), a Summoning level over 20 and a high battle level. You'll have to be able to survive in a multi-combat area with 100+ creatures in it for 10 minutes. Third pursuit and items will be coming after.

I have to decided to Think of an Observatory Quest sequel. It's Called Astronomer's Aid. To start off speak to the Professor in the Observatory near Castle Wars.

The goblins nearby needed a big drunken party a week and some of them attacked me and began to overrun the observatory. Oh ! . . .or... Sorry, but I can't help you this time, besides stop being a wimp and go kill those noobs. (conversation ends prior to the Proffesor could be permently banned) I have decided that we will need to block the entrance to the observatory from the dungeon and make a structure leading from here to Buy Old School RS Gold the observatory to our safety.


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